TE New Product Announcement: 0.5mm Fine Pitch Hermaphroditic Connectors

TE New Product Announcement: 0.5mm Fine Pitch Hermaphroditic Connectors


June 20, 2017

TE Connectivity (TE), announced today its new portfolio of 0.5mm small pitch board to board connectors that feature a hermaphroditic

design that mates to itself, reducing inventory product mix with consolidated part numbers and components. This also helps save time

and costs associated with qualifying new parts for a design—instead of a header part and a receptacle part for each connection, there

is only one part number.


"With a high operating temperature, these connectors perform reliably in demanding environments. This makes them suitable for

applications such as industrial, military and motor vehicles,” said Lily Zhang, product manager at TE Connectivity’s Data and Devices

business unit. “Our connectors feature a stub-less contact interface supports PCIe Gen 3 compatibility at up to 8 Gbps data rates.

Housings are available in UL94V-0 flammability-rated LCP material.”


0.5mm small pitch hermaphroditic (FPH) connectors also have a dual point contact design that provides better mating precision and

reliability than the single point contact design which found on most surface mount (SMT) connectors. Four guidance posts help ensure

easy mating, even when there is mis-alignment.


This small 0.5mm pitch hermaphroditic connectors from TE are available immediately.

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