Yazaki 7116-1670-02 crimp terminal

Name:Yazaki 7116-1670-02 crimp terminal
Part No.:7116-1670-02
Pricing (USD):
Stock (pcs):6000
Lead time for stock items:1-3 days
Standard lead time:8-10 weeks

  • Yazaki 7116-1670-02 crimp terminal

Product Description

Yazaki 7116-1670-02 terminal

Connector type: Terminal

Faminly: 91 connectors

Part No.: 7116-1670-02

Type: A type


Connection type: wire to wire

Sealed/unsealed: unsealed

Male/Female: Female

Pitch inches(mm): 0.8(030)

Material: Brass

Plating: Tin plating

Mating Part No.: 7114-1670-02


Wire size(mm2): 0.3-0.5


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